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at Hendrix College


The Writer as Witness

This multi-genre creative writing course, offered every fall, examines models of witness literature by such greats as Alice Walker, James Agee, Claudia Rankine, Jhumpa Lahiri, C. D. Wright, Tony Kushner, and Mohsin Hamid. What does it mean to observe and document the world--to respond to the issues of one's day through literary writing? Students respond to the readings by practicing "exploratories," short assignments that encourage them to pursue questions raised by the reading and try their hand at different genres. For the final project they write their own works of witness.

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Poetry Writing

This course teaches the craft of poetry through discussion of model poems, in-class exercises, peer workshops, and directed practice in free and formal verse.

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Advanced Poetry Writing

Through poetry we distill thoughts, clarify emotions, and experience a payoff of pleasure and insight. This course, for serious practitioners, aims to increase mastery and love of poetic craft.


Introduction to Academic Writing

This class teaches students to write more clearly and effectively, shoring up their writing-related skills in order to respond successfully to a variety of academic writing assignments. Normally offered in the Spring semester, this course uses a theme of sports to frame the writing practice.