Hope Coulter

The Wheel of Light

The Wheel of Light
By Hope Coulter

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The Wheel of Light

Hope Coulter’s poems are river rocks, rough but slowly turning smooth with the water’s work. Here is a poet who has gotten to know her planet, loved it in real time. Her moments, like her vowels, are Southern slow and made for savoring. Poetry like this helps me live better.                                                                                                                                                                                                              --Greg Brownderville


                                        Her brilliance is just that, brilliant.                                                                                           --Alan Michael Parker                                                              


Coulter’s poems tell stories you believe; hit the high C, lyrically; and improvise on form with the chops of a master poet.                                                            --A. Van Jordan


The Wheel of Light, Hope Coulter’s debut poetry collection, is a book of appreciations and penetrations. It is a book about memory and love. About longing and loss. Comfortable writing in both traditional and open forms, Coulter takes us on a journey in which the past becomes a springboard towards knowledge, whether bitter or sweet. . . . These poems explore what is “common and wild” as native trees, the poems themselves (like the trees themselves) “sometimes flaring gold.”                                                 --Andrea Hollander



                                       A beautiful, deeply satisfying collection.                                                                                          --Davis McCombs